At Let it Dough Artisan Bakery, we prepare and bake all of our breads from scratch, on a daily basis, in our premises. We do not use pre-mixes, preservatives, or additives. We only use the best quality ingredients and processes in order to bake high quality products. At Let it Dough, we believe in baking breads on a daily basis and only selling bread which has been freshly made. In order to prevent waste, we ensure that the bread we do not sale is donated to local charities. 

White Batch 

A soft white bread prepared with strong wheat flour. This bread is rich in flavour as well as in texture and consistency. It is especially good for sandwiches or for eating toasted with butter or jam. 

Wholemeal Batch 

This is a wholemeal variety of bread which is rich in fibre, freshly made and baked in our premises 

Vienna Bread 

This is a white bread with a moderate, crunchy crust. As the name suggests, this bread was first produced in Vienna, Austria in which steam was added into the baking process. As a consequence, it has a light and airy crumb. The most important feature of this bread is that it is totally fat free since no fat is added to the mix at any time. In our bakery, we bake this bread on a regular basis. 

Brummie Cottage 

A type of white bread with a distinct shape. Called the 'Brummie cottage' due to its characteristic cuts around two round loaves, one on top of the other. This bread may be difficult to find in other bakeries, but at Let it Dough you can find this on a regular basis. 

Ham Bread (Pan de Jamon) 

A traditional Venezuelan Christmas bread which can be enjoyed any time of the year. A sweet, soft dough is rolled up around savoury ham, sweet raisins, black and green olives and bacon rashers. The bread is rolled up like a log and once baked, can be sliced to display attractive spirals. Ham bread can be paired with soups and/or salads. This bread is available at Let it Dough upon request. 

Sun-dried tomato & chilli 

This is a type of savoury bread of Mediterranean origin. This is a great bread to make sandwiches, to enjoy with olives as an appetiser, or to have all on its own. 

Crusty Cobs 

A staple in British cuisine. The humble cob is given the utmost of care at Let it Dough. It can be used in a range of cuisines, and it is especially good for sandwiches or for sopping up thick soup and gravies. 


At Let it Dough, we take pride in the savoury treats we offer to satisfy all tastes. You can often pop into the shop in the mornings and smell freshly baked croissants, ham horns or one of our specialty breads. 

Chorizo & Ham Horn 

Also known as 'cachitos', a traditional Venezuelan pastry, our 'chorizo & ham horns' are the perfect way to start your mornings or to have with a soup for lunch. Pastry filled with chorizo and ham with bacon rashers, baked in the oven and glazed with butter. This perfect treat is the best way to get your day started. 

Butter Croissants 

A French favourite, our croissants are freshly baked on a daily basis. Whether to go or to sit in at the shop with a coffee or hot chocolate. Our buttery croissants are of top quality ingredients with a taste you simply cannot get anywhere else. 

Flat Bread 

Our flat breads are made with milk instead of water. This process makes the dough softer and more digestible. They come in a personal pizza size. Made with real mozzarella cheese, oregano and olive oil tomato sauce in the vegetarian or ham and cheese options. 

Sandwich roles 

Delicious sandwiches made with our own bread (rolls or small baguettes), made and baked daily in our premises. 
Sandwiches are offered every day. 
Cold option sandwiches of: 
cheese (as an extra) 
Our hot option sandwich includes our well known egg and bacon. 
All of our sandwiches include salad (lettuce, tomato and sauce). 


A wide variety of freshly baked pastries is offered on a daily basis. At Let it Dough, we offer 
Cheese and onion slices 
Giant sausage rolls 
Chicken and mushroom slices 
Pain au chocolat 
All of them are delicious and perfect to start your day with a tasty cup of coffee or tea. 
They are ready to be enjoyed within our sitting area or to take away. 

History of the arepa 

The Venezuelan arepa has its origins hundreds of years ago, cooked by the various indigenous tribes across the country (Arawak, Carib, Timoto-Cuica, Cumanagoto, Karina, among others). What was initially made with fresh corn is usually made today using pre-cooked cornmeal. The arepa represents Venezuelans’ daily bread. It is eaten across the country, across all socio-economic groups, at all times of day. 
The arepa has its name from the word Erepa, the indigenous word for this corn bread. The plain arepa is a round, thick bread (very much like an English muffin). Up until the 1950’s, arepas were eaten primarily as a type of bread to accompany food or to be filled with just cheese. Today, the fillings varied greatly and there are no set rules (just like any sandwich, filling options are infinite). 

Taste the best arepas in the Midlands! 

At Let it Dough hey are filled with delicious stuffing such as: 
Pulled beef 
Ham & cheese 
"Pabellon": filled with pulled beef, cheese, black beans and fried plantains 
Devilled ham 
"Domino" which is a combination of black beans and cheese (vegetarian) 
Venezuelan arepas are sold on Saturdays and Sundays only 

Venezuelan Empanadas 

We fill them with delicious stuffing such as  
Pulled chicken 
Pulled beef or 
The vegetarian option "domino" consisting of black beans and cheese. 
We sell empanadas on Sundays only 


Our desserts are prepared with love and care, as are our breads and savouries. Our baker and pastry chef, Elizabeth, one of the two owners of Let it Dough Artisan Bakery. She has graduated from University College Birmingham (UCB) as a professional baker and confectioner. She has competed and won several awards at the NEC Birmingham with her sugar flower creations at Salon Culinaire in 2013 and 2015. 


Strawberry, raspberry and chocolate - Our cheesecake is one of our signature desserts. They are exquisite, prepared with the best quality cream cheese and free range eggs. These cheese cakes are made with attention to detail, dedication and skill, producing a dessert of the highest standard. 


Another signature dessert at Let it Dough. This is a popular coffee-flavoured, Italian dessert made with high quality ingredients. It's rich in flavour and texture, able to please the most demanding of tastes. 

Carrot Cake 

Sold by the slice or whole (upon request), this is one of our most popular cakes. Light and moist, this cake is filled with layer upon layer of flavour made with real carrots. A soft texture and just the right amount of sweetness will keep you craving for more. 

Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cake 

A favourite of both the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge, our chocolate cake recipe will also delight, not only your taste buds, but also your eyes. Chocolate sponge oozing molten Belgian chocolate and glossy ganache frosting, this cake is sure worth a taste for any chocolate lover. 

Mille-Feuille (Vanilla Slices) 

Slices of cake consisting of thin layers of puff pastry filled with custard and pastry cream. Confectioner's sugar dusts the top of the cake in order to provide added sweetness. 

Lemon & Poppy Seed Loaf 

A twist on the traditional lemon drizzle cake, this loaf adds poppy seeds and a subtle lemon flavouring in order to create a light, delicate sponge. Perfect for your evening cup of tea. 

Mississippi Mud Cake 

A twist on the traditional Mississippi mud pie, this cake incorporates an abundance of chocolate and sponge in order to create a dessert which is difficult to resist. A messy cake which you will delight getting your fingers stuck into, this dessert would make any chocolate lover swoon. 

Traditional Short Bread Biscuits 

An old favourite, these biscuits will take you back to a simpler time and remind you of your nan's homemade biscuits. Made the old fashioned, traditional way, these little treasures can be found regularly at Let it Dough and are the perfect comfort with a cup of coffee or tea. 


Strawberry, orange or passion-fruit - A meringue-based confection made with eggs, ground almonds, icing and granulated sugar, this French favourite is the perfect little treat for those looking for more delicate tastes. 

Rum Babas 

A dessert which originated in France. A rich sponge cake, soaked in rum-flavoured syrup. Once baked, the rum babas are filled with delicious custard cream and a cherry on top. This is a dessert that is difficult to find anywhere else, but at Let it Dough, it is made on a regular basis.